Saturday, January 7, 2012

AWESOME accessories to have !

hi :)

i baru je start nak menjual some of gorgeous accessories for u u u beautiful women ;)

ini lah die :D but that album is a teaser only :)

some of the items are :

  • Bohemian bracelet at RM14 only !
  • Knitted braided bracelet at RM19 only !
  • silicone watches
  • vintage bracelet, rings and necklace ! 
  • and last, Waterproof lomo at RM39 only !
u guys might search or google, most of items that i sell is totally cheaper than others :) especially that lomo :) with the same brand, ada yang RM55 and even RM60 ! i'm selling it at the best price ! 

for more pictures and details, u guys can visit my page on facebook HERE ! :)

good nite everyone :)

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